The Windermere Tales Series

The Windermere Tales Series is an epic fantasy duology (plus companion novella) ideal for readers aged 16+. Enter a world of magic, adventure, and mythology alongside a diverse cast of messy characters.


Jekku Aj’ere can see everything from the start of time to the end, and it’s an agonizing curse. His only chance to bargain for freedom is to find the Oracle Stone, a magic artifact that was split into four pieces and hidden centuries ago.

Lilya Noor wants to forget her past and be immortal, so she agrees to a blood oath that will grant her eternal life if she delivers the Oracle Stone to her Master of Magic. Failure is not an option, but what if the stone offers a better deal than simple immortality?

Vaeltaja Ievisin has one chance for redemption: the Second Savior. Presenting the Savior and the lost Oracle Stone to his gods will end his banishment, but the Savior isn’t at all what Taja expected, and neither is the stone. And how much is forgiveness worth, anyway, when the gods are never satisfied?

There are higher powers at play, and Jekku, Lilya, and Taja must pull themselves together or risk losing their magic and their lives to the vengeful spirits trapped in the stone. But it’s hard to prevent a magical catastrophe when you can’t trust anyone, including yourself, and certainly not the gods.


Taja Ievisin thought the Oracle Stone would fix all his problems, but all it’s left him with are a city in shambles, shocking truths about his gods, and a role he can’t possibly fill. He is Sawwia Setukkda, the Second Savior of his people, but without a drop of magic in his blood and no idea how to get his people to trust him, how is he supposed to save anyone?

Jekku Aj’ere is finally free –– from his maddening curse, from the Royal Sorcerer who wished to control him, and from the influence of the Oracle Stone. But now what? Grappling with ghosts from his past and torn between two paths, Jekku has to figure out where to turn, even if it means leaving someone behind.

But before either of them can move ahead, they’ve got a mess to clean up. Båthälla is divided –– and most Elshalans remain stubbornly loyal to the gods. If Taja can’t win over his people, it’s only a matter of time before the gods strengthen their hold and snuff out Båthälla’s magic for good.


Lilya Noor has more than she’s ever dreamed: The honored title of Master of Magic. The prestigious academy at Gallien’s Peak, hers to direct and reform. A gaggle of young mages who look up to her as a mentor and role model. And a chance to rewrite the world’s perception of fire mages.

It has been two years since Lilya teamed up with Jekku, Taja, and Saevel to defeat the resurrected Royal Sorcerers, and in that time, Lilya has fought her way to fame. Now recognized as one of the greatest mages of her time, she has the world at her fingertips.

There’s just one problem: She’s miserable.

Because Gallien’s Peak is still a prison, and no amount of fame can give her what she has always longed for: Her sister.

But the right amount of power could be the key to making that dream come true, too.

Prompted by a recurring nightmare that suggests Lilya might have a chance to see her sister again, she embarks on a risky journey out of the mortal world. Lilya believes she can bargain to bring her sister back, but the dead aren’t so easily awakened, and the price of a soul is never cheap.

Content Warnings

  • Mild fantasy violence including blood, and fire used in magic
  • Depictions of anxiety/panic attacks
  • Mention of suicide and past suicidal ideation
  • Parent/sibling/family death
  • Manipulation / emotional abuse
  • Mention of cheating in a relationship
  • Recreational alcohol use


Available only through Barnes & Noble, these special editions each feature a fully illustrated dust jacket and include bonus material.

Praise for The Oracle Stone

The Oracle Stone is a fun, fast-paced epic fantasy adventure. The writing is lush and descriptive and the characters were all so fun to read about. –– RITA A. RUBIN, author of CHRONICLES OF THE GUARDIANS

Impossible to put down! Excellent book for anyone who loves fantasy and desires a fresh new world and take on the genre. –– JUNIPER LAKE FITZGERALD, author of THE FIFTH YANAI

A fun and soft little fantasy adventure! –– ERINN HARPER, author of DREAMWALKER

A fantastic debut! This page-turner is well worth your time. –– A.E. BENNETT, author of THE SERRULATA SAGA

Read this if you’re a fan of fantasy that looks awesome and gives you lots of emotions! –– Phoebe, Goodreads reviewer

This was an engaging and fast-paced read. Would recommend to anyone who wants a fun fantasy adventure! –– Sarah, Goodreads reviewer

Praise for The Savior’s Rise

THE SAVIOR’S RISE is captivating from start to finish and the beautiful conclusion to an epic tale of love, acceptance, justice, and finding your place. Morgan has outdone themself. –– JUNIPER LAKE FITZGERALD, author of THE FIFTH YANAI

An excellent follow-up to The Oracle Stone, THE SAVIOR’S RISE offers a compelling exploration of Taja’s and Jekku’s hopes and fears as they try once again to change the world. A page-turning read that had me laughing out loud—and shedding a few tears. –– TABITHA O’CONNELL, author of STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY

I enjoyed The Oracle Stone and I loved THE SAVIOR’S RISE even more. So much so that I did not want it to end (even though the ending was perfect in every way). This was a fun, exciting and heart-warming conclusion to Morgan’s Windermere Tales and I’m so glad we got to see more of Jekku’s and Taja’s and Lilya’s story. ––RITA A. RUBIN, author of CHRONICLES OF THE GUARDIANS

Taja, Jekku, and Lilya return in this fantastic conclusion to the Windermere Tales. This page-turning sequel to The Oracle Stone is a lovely read that I throughly enjoyed over a few days. Few books make me tear up as they end, but this was one. If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced fantasy adventure that will also tug at your heart, this book is for you. Highly, highly recommend! –– A.E. BENNETT, author of THE SERRULATA SAGA

In a brilliant follow-up to a sparkling debut, Morgan once again showcases their prodigious talent for crafting a rip-roaring adventure with heartfelt characters who are easy to fall in love with all over again. The queer-normative world is beautifully developed and feels lived in and magical. I was sad to say goodbye to it, and I can’t wait to see what Morgan gives us next! –– GAYLEN SINCLAIR, beta reader