The Peacebringer Trilogy


Explore the world of Windermere nine hundred years before The Oracle Stone in this thrilling new YA trilogy. Follow the origin of legendary hero Saevel Balnorin as they dig up secrets and histories the gods would rather have the world forget.


The gods promised Saevel Balnorin that Nightbeasts were extinct. But when their brother is attacked by one of the vicious shadow creatures, Saevel vows to destroy the monsters for good — even if it means dabbling in the very same magic that creates them. The only person willing to point Saevel toward the answers they need is their trusted teacher, who provides them with a powerful spell that could be the key to eliminate Nightbeasts — if Saevel can translate the strange, ancient script.

In the midst of this discovery, Saevel’s hometown is caught in the crossfire between two warring kingdoms, shattering the peace between forest-dwelling Elshalans and their human neighbors. Saevel is positive it’s all connected, especially when their mentor disappears and leaves behind a shocking letter from the warmongering human queen. Determined to uncover what’s really going on, Saevel sets out for the royal city, where they become irrevocably wrapped up in a web of secrets, dangerous magical experiments, and one god’s unflinching belief that Saevel will be the one to stop the war.

Saevel never intended to be any kind of hero, but as the line between ally and enemy vanishes, they must decide where their own loyalties lie — with the gods who have failed them, or with their enemies, who actually have a plan to end the war, stop the queen, and hold further ruination at bay.

Content Warnings

Please be aware of the following content featured in this book, and read with care:

  • Sibling death
  • Mentions of gender dysphoria
  • Mentions of disordered eating
  • Death of loved ones/friends
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Implications of an adult grooming a teenager
  • Brief depiction of drowning

Praise for Truthseeker

It felt so good to dive back into the Windermere world with this fresh new installment. Truthseeker is for fans of the original Windermere duology and those not yet familiar with Morgan’s epic fantasy world. This first book of The Peacebringer Trilogy is exciting, emotional, and an all around excellent read that’s got me itching for the next two books. — RITA A. RUBIN, author of the Chronicles of the Guardians series and Of Knights and Books and Falling in Love

Morgan weaves a fantastic tale full of richly developed characters and many plot twists. I was delightfully shocked at several points along the way. While I was instantly drawn to main character Saevel, I found myself wanting to befriend several of the side characters, too, and fight along side them during their quest. When I say I cannot wait to find out what happens, I wholeheartedly mean it. The second book in this series cannot come fast enough! – A.E. BENNETT, author of The Serrulata Saga

Even as a newcomer to [Morgan’s] Windermere universe, I really fell into the little pocket of the world built up around Saevel. But I have to admit that this might’ve been one of the first YA books I’ve encountered that really laid a heavy shade of morally gray over all of the characters – and absolutely in a good way that showed so much character depth. Reading about Saevel having to war between trust of old and new relationships really made this book shine. And reading about an enby MC? Perfect. – CARA NOX, author of The Thirteenth Key