T.L. Morgan Books

Here you can find information about and links to Talli’s books in the adult age category, published as T.L. Morgan.


A short, snappy, spicy novella about a former vampire hunter, his ex, and their unexpected second chance.

Cyrus Beldon is done with vampires. His family hunts them. He fell in love with one. But a messy breakup with his lover prompts Cyrus to cut ties and forge a new, vampire-free path for his life. Unfortunately, a traveling mishap brings that path right back to his ex-lover’s doorstep two years after Cyrus stormed away. Now faced with a chance to reconcile, Cyrus wonders if he gave everything up too soon. But after leaving such a mess in his wake, is there even any forgiveness left for him?

Content Warnings

In addition to featuring explicit sexual content, this book also includes depictions of blood and blood consumption, asphyxiation kink, references to (off-page) physical and emotional abuse, and mentions of family deaths. This book is for 18+ audiences.