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#WOWchat, or Writers of Wonder Chat, is a weekly one-hour Q&A chat on Twitter for writers of all genres. Starting at 2pm Eastern Time, the host posts one writing-related question every fifteen minutes for an hour. Participants are welcome to join anytime they like by replying to or quote-retweeting the questions with their own answers. We typically include questions relating to plotting, character development, worldbuilding, and writing goals.

Talli L. Morgan (@TLM_writes) co-hosts this chat with fellow indie author Juniper Lake Fitzgerald (@juniper_lake), alternating turns every week.

MAYHEM & MAGIC Blog: Writing updates, book reviews, author interviews, and more!

Mayhem & Magic is on a hiatus for now, but you can still find all my past posts there if you’re curious about my writing process, recent reads, or would like to read my interviews with fellow indie authors.