Coming Soon: MELIORA

JUNE 7, 2022

Perfect for fans of beloved Studio Ghibli films like Howl’s Moving Castle, MELIORA is a story of love, self-discovery, and finding inner strength.

Winter Fae takes a job at the Summer Palace with two goals in mind: keep his sister alive, and keep his family’s secrets safe. He intends to keep his head down and avoid drawing attention, but that plan crumbles when he crosses paths with the notoriously reckless Prince Arturo, who’s last in line for the throne and would rather see the world than rule it. 

Arturo claims he knows someone who can cure Winter’s sister for good, if Winter can trust him enough to travel across the country. But Winter’s family has attracted enough suspicion over the years, so he needs a damn good reason for disappearing with the prince.

And what’s a better excuse than elopement?